I never saw so many hummingbirds
in 13 years of living by this yard.
If I’d attempt to put their sound in words,
I’d mention “thrum:” soft tongue upon the hard-
called palate right behind the upper teeth.
I hear them when they flit in front of me;
I pause at hovering beside, beneath,
above the smallest blossoms, frequently.

I used to see a hummingbird a week.
I don’t possess a feeder. There are cats
that linger here. No reason for this peak
in midget visitors. Is it perhaps
this COVID-season? Better garden, less
of noise and dirty air and outside stress?

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2 Responses to Thrummingbirds

  1. groomie says:

    “Thrum” is the perfect sound of those little hummingbird engines.

  2. sputterpub says:

    Nice to see you here. Thanks!

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