Pretending (HA 110 Sestina)

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It takes a while for catastrophe
to be accepted by the human mind.
We may react reflexively at once,
the way we mindlessly pull back from burn,
but full acceptance is a slower deal.
At first we try to bargain or deny.

Pandemic is upon us. None deny,
but some debate how much catastrophe
is real, how much a propaganda deal.
The ignorant insistence blows my mind.
I can’t defend the media, who burn
the bridges for the bites of bytes at once,

who were too few but honorable once.
Like chronic states of illness we deny
at first, the virus flares and spreads its burn –
a caterpillar of catastrophe
that eats the heavy body, stubborn mind,
and demonstrates it’s master of the deal.

A mindless virus propagates ordeal,
ignored by top and twisted leaders once
and now too late accepted by the mind
of many sloganeers who would deny
the holocaust, all grim catastrophe,
the smoke of civil union set to burn.

It’s everywhere. We can’t avoid the burn.
I yearn for information. I can deal
with episodes of deep catastrophe –
I’m old and I’ve survived some more than once –
but there’s few facts to cherish or deny,
and graphs do not illuminate my mind.

I seem to have an entertaining mind,
inspired every day to laugh or burn
with anger. So today I will deny
the plague, pretending we have no ordeal.
Remember how we moved and acted once?
Imagination masks catastrophe.

Today I cut catastrophe from mind,
pretend at once there’s candles I can burn.
I make a deal with news I can deny.

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