Yeah, But (HA 57 Rhyme Royal)

House Arrest

Attempting to count blessings while confined
by virus, panic, proclamation, news,
we’re trying to see tempest silver-lined:
We say “At least we,” and embrace the views
of thanks for Internet and nursing crews.
We even hope that when this bane’s controlled,
we’ll know enough to beat the common cold.

But what if science gives us the reverse?
Perhaps Corornavirus will resist
vaccine, like HIV. We’ve borne the curse
of head colds for as long as we exist,
and all our cash and researching have missed
the mark to date. We wish we could be sure,
but we may have to live without a cure.

Pandemic is our civic destiny.
It’s what we breed in cities as we cram
for infrastructure. All our density
is hazardous, but how can we unjam?
It may be that the sickest bought the scam
of empty foods we’ve foisted. Let’s begin
to treat the perils of high insulin.

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